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Mobile GPS Vs Range Finder Vs Golf Car

Mobile GPS services (iPhone/ Android) are typically not as accurate as laser range finders as laser range finder devices use a direct laser to measure the distance from point a to point b.

When it comes to laser rangefinders like Bushnell, Nexus, etc, it is generally understood that the mobile/ phone device GPS will likely never be as accurate as a laser range finder for the points mentioned above.

When it comes to golf car GPS systems, these run on a more sophisticated service, similar to what fire departments/ ambulances use. As technology improves, we expect GPS readings to be more accurate and lock into closer yardages.

With that said, the industry standard of acceptance for mobile device GPS reading is within 5 - 10 yards of the actual distance. The 18Birdies app typically falls within 5 - 10 yards on average.

If you are seeing a larger variance (15 to 20+ yards off), please let us know at Support@18birdies.com.

In these cases, we will first take a look at the course mapping in our back-end system, or we will get our engineering team involved to take an even further look.

For more information on how the services differ, we have included some external links below.
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