Exercises to Improve Your Dynamic Balance for Golf (Video)

by Nicole Cavarra

Good balance is the foundation on which all good golf swings are built.

With good balance, your swing can stay on-plane, your weight is properly distributed, and your chances of delivering the clubface squarely back to the ball dramatically increase. Good balance affects your accuracy, your distance, and your control of your golf shots.

Most golfers struggle to achieve good balance throughout their golf swing. While they may start off balanced, as their swing starts, their weight starts to shift, their body rotates, and they are thrown out of balance. The key is to work on dynamic balance.

If you’re falling forward as you swing through the ball or are unable to maintain a balanced finish to your golf swing, it’s likely that you could use some help achieving dynamic balance.

While some golf-specific yoga is a big help in improving balance, to improve dynamic balance we need to throw in some movement. Here’s a simple exercise that can help you remain balanced. By adding this to your golf workouts, you’ll be able to remain balanced throughout your golf swing.

The video is part of my “Golf Fitness” series of video lessons. The whole series is available to 18Birdies Premium Members in the app. Check it out in the 18Birdies App and pretty soon you’ll be in great shape and playing better golf.

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