How Do I Set Up a Stableford Tournament?


  1. Open the app and tap Community.
  2. Tap Tournaments near the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Create a Tournament.
  4. Tap Stableford.
  5. Tap Add Round 1 if everyone is playing the same course or Virtual Leaderboard if golfers will be playing different courses.
    If you choose Add Round 1, you will be asked which course your tournament is being played at before finalizing your tournament settings.
  6. Tap Set Start Date on the tournament settings page and select the day that your tournament will be starting.
  7. You can choose to adjust the default Stableford point totals by tapping Modified. Each of the scores can be adjusted by tapping on the result and then selecting the point total for the score. 
  8. Tap the toggle next to Use Players Full Handicap to enable Course handicaps for the tournament. Once the toggle is enabled, you can choose to have golfers play from Mixed Tees or Assign a specific set of tees for the tournament
  9. Tap the Dropdown menu next to Use percentage of handicap to change from Full Handicap, Partial Handicap or Percentage of a Players handicap.
  10. Tap the dropdown menu under Auto Tiebreaker to choose from one of the tiebreaker options. To turn off automatic tiebreakers, make sure the toggle next to Auto Tiebreaker is in the Off position.
  11. Toggle the Skins button to the On position if you would like a skins game to be created for your tournament.
  12. Enter your Tournament Name.
  13. Enter a Tournament Description (optional).
  14. Review the information on the Tournament Settings page. If everything looks good, tap Save.

If you are playing with other 18Birdies users, have them join your Stableford game by entering the five-digit Tournament Code on the next screen.

Once you have started the round, enter your scores into the app as normal and the app will use your handicap, your scoring information and the course information to record the game and assign points based on the Stableford format. 

At any time during the round, tap the Tournament Leaderboard link in blue to see the Gross and Net leaderboards with the Stableford point total.

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