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Set Up a Stableford Tournament

Set Up

  1. Open the app and tap Play.

  2. Under 'Group Play' tap 'Create a Leaderboard'.
  3. Tap Stableford and then tap Next.
    Tap Modified beneath Stableford to edit the Stableford point values. Leave as Regular to use the regular Stableford point values.
  4. Enter a tournament name (optional) then tap Next.

  5. Set the tournament schedule (can be just for that day) then tap Next.

  6. Select Single course tournament then tap Next.

  7. Select the course you are playing and the course settings then tap Next.

  8. Tap Use player's full handicap and then tap Next.

  9. Set whether you are playing Skins and then tap Next.

  10. Tap Next at Leaderboard settings.

  11. Review the information on the Tournament Settings page. If everything looks good, tap Confirm.

If you are playing with other 18Birdies users, have them join your Stableford game by entering the four-digit Tournament Code on the next screen.

Once you have started the round, enter your scores into the app as normal and the app will use your handicap, your scoring information and the course information to record the game and assign points based on the Stableford format. 

At any time during the round, tap the Tournament Leaderboard link in blue to see the Gross and Net leaderboards with the Stableford point total.

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