Golf Bucks

Score rounds with 18Birdies to earn Golf Bucks. Play with other 18Birdies users, try out side games and submit course ratings to increase your earnings!

How are Golf Bucks earned?

Action Golf Bucks Earned


Play a Round
For each Qualified Round you play, you get 40 Golf Bucks.

Play Golf with Friends
When you score rounds with friends (2-5 players), earn an additional 50 Golf Bucks.

Play in an 18Birdies Tournament
When you play any 18Birdies Tournament Round, you get an extra 50 Golf Bucks.

Play Side Games
Earn 30 more Golf Bucks when you add 1 or more side games to your round!

Rate a Course
Periodically, we give golfers the opportunity to rate a course after they’ve played a round there. Each time you do this, you’ll net a cool 30 Golf Bucks.

Add Friends
Invite your friends to 18Birdies -- when your friend request is accepted, each of you will get 20 Golf Bucks! Maximum of 10 Rewards per 18Birdies User

Share a Round
Earn 10 Golf Bucks for every round you post on the feed -- we'll double this if you share to Facebook too!
Share a Hole
Earn 5 Golf Bucks for every hole you post on the feed -- we’ll double this if you share to Facebook too!
Share a Shot
Earn 5 Golf Bucks for every shot you post on the feed -- we’ll double this if you share to Facebook too!

Share a Photo/Video

Earn 5 Golf Bucks for every photo/video you post on the feed -- we’ll double this if you share to Facebook too!
Engagement from your Community
Social Bonus

To say thanks for participating in the 18Birdies community, we’ll be awarding ‘social bonuses’ as you like and comment on friends’ posts. Get tapping to learn more.
For 10 Likes on a post - you get 5 Golf Bucks!

Engagement from your Community
Social Bonus
For the content and rounds you post to the feed, you’ll earn Golf Bucks when your friends like or comment on your post.

What is a Qualified Round?

Qualified rounds are indicated by the “Qualified” link next to your score in your Round History. A qualified round is a round of golf that meets all the criteria for earning DreamGames Golf Bucks. Here are the criteria we verify:

  • Verified GPS location
  • Complete 6 holes or more
  • Time spent on the course
  • Scores recorded while on the course

How to use Golf Bucks

Once you’ve earned Golf Bucks, simply use them to buy scratchcards - right on your phone. Each scratchcard has the opportunity to win instant prizes like clubs, balls and gift cards. But it gets better. Way better.

Each scratchcard automatically enters you into a drawing for dream golf experiences. Imagine playing a round with PGA Pro legends, winning a dream golf trip for you and your closest friends, or how about a spot in a PGA Tour Pro-Am?

  1. Open the app and tap Explore on the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap DreamGames.
  3. Tap Enter DreamGames.
  4. Tap Scratch to win.
  5. Tap Scratch now.

5 Golf Bucks will automatically be deducted from your account for each scratchcard played.
Limited to a maximum of 10 scratchcards per 24 hours.

I played 16 holes before it got dark so I did not finish my round, will I still earn Golf Bucks?

At this time, you must enter a score for all holes in order for your round to be counted as “qualified” and earn Golf Bucks. If you start a 9-hole round, you need to complete all 9 holes to earn Golf Bucks. All 18 holes must be completed for your 18-hole round to earn Golf Bucks.

If I play with a friend who scores my round for me on his app, will I still earn Golf Bucks?

Yes, you can, but you will need to do a few things to ensure you earn them:

  1. Accept your friend’s 18Birdies Round Invitation at the start of the round.
  2. Continue using your 18Birdies while you’re on the course.
  3. Confirm the completed score card at the end of the round.

If you do not open up your 18Birdies app until the end of the round, you will not earn Golf Bucks. As an individual player of DreamGames, you must fulfill the requirements of a qualified round with an app which you are logged into.

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