What is your myPAR™

Easy question, easier answer: simply play golf using the 18Birdies app!

You’ll also need the latest version of the 18Birdies – available in the App Store and on Google Play. Then, simply track your scores with 18Birdies each time you play golf. We automatically update your myPAR™ after each round that you score.

18Birdies will start tracking your myPAR™ after 1 round. We know that one round isn’t enough to get a full picture of your golf ability, so upload more scores to increase the accuracy of your myPAR™.

myPAR™ is not for competitive purposes. and is only for personal performance measurement. For tournaments, competitive events and associate club play, golfers should ensure a handicap provided by USGA.

*Only enter past rounds that have not already been entered into your Round History. Once your myPAR™ is activated by completing a round or entering a past round, your entire Round History will automatically factor in your myPAR™ number!
*Must include 18-hole scores for an 18-hole round. For 9-hole rounds, we double the 9-hole score and do a little midwest magic to get an equivalent of an 18-hole round. 
*For rounds that are not a complete 9-hole or 18-hole round, the round will not be counted for myPAR™ at this time. 

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