myPAR™* is a personal golf performance tool designed to give every golfer a way to understand their playing ability and track their performance over time – all with one number. Find your myPAR™ at the top of your profile in the Me Tab.

By using your Scored Rounds, 18Birdies will take all of the great data you enter into the app and turn it into a single statistic that reflects your actual playing ability.

*myPAR™ = my Player Ability Rating

Why did we create myPAR™?

We created myPAR™ for you – the golfer who’s constantly striving to improve their golf game and achieve more each time they’re on the course. As golfers, we understand the need to always know where our game stands and how our playing ability matches up with others.

We hope myPAR™ will not only help you better understand your game but, ultimately, inspire you to play more golf.

What's your myPAR™?

Easy question, easier answer: simply play golf using the 18Birdies app!

You’ll also need the latest version of the 18Birdies – available in the App Store and on Google Play. Then, simply track your scores with 18Birdies each time you play golf. We automatically update your myPAR™ after each round that you score.

18Birdies will start tracking your myPAR™ after 1 round. We know that one round isn’t enough to get a full picture of your golf ability, so upload more scores to increase the accuracy of your myPAR™.

myPAR™ is not for competitive purposes. and is only for personal performance measurement. For tournaments, competitive events and associate club play, golfers should ensure a handicap provided by USGA.

*Only enter past rounds that have not already been entered into your Round History. Once your myPAR™ is activated by completing a round or entering a past round, your entire Round History will automatically factor in your myPAR™ number!
*Must include 18-hole scores for an 18-hole round. For 9-hole rounds, we double the 9-hole score and do a little midwest magic to get an equivalent of an 18-hole round. 
*For rounds that are not a complete 9-hole or 18-hole round, the round will not be counted for myPAR™ at this time. 

How is myPAR™ calculated?

We're glad you asked.

To keep it simple, myPAR™ is calculated as the differential in strokes in relation to the course par, as defined below:  
DifferentialStrokes (DS) = (User's Gross Strokes {at X course} - Par {at X course})
Steve shoots a 93 at a course with a par 72.93 (strokes) - 72 (course par) = 21 (stroke differential)

Steve's first myPAR™ number would be 21, simply his number of strokes in relation to par. 

Over time, this number averages out to be a true representation of Steve's average playing ability.myPAR™ is a “true” measure of the middle (average) performance and is less susceptible to outliers. An unusually good or bad performance will not have an outsized impact on your myPAR™. 

myPAR™ results are more stable than a traditional handicap round-by-round, but will also trend up and down as a player’s performance improves or gets worse.  We believe using the median performance is a better measure of a golfers ability than the traditional handicap formula. 

Traditional methods use 96% of the mean of a golfer’s last 10 rounds - which means the golfer will only shoot the “handicap” if they golfer is doing 4% better than average.myPAR™ is designed to be a better reflection of your actual playing ability in relation to the course par, so a higher myPAR™ is expected when compared to handicap. On average, we found the myPAR™ to be 3 strokes higher than the traditional handicap formula.

"But what about all of the rounds I played without 18Birdies?"

We’ve got you covered!

We encourage you to enter all previously played rounds into the app, along with your round statistics, so that you can start tracking your myPAR™ and so you can start tracking Stats.

Tap here to learn more about Entering a Past Round.

"I just added a new score why didn’t my myPAR change?"

myPAR™ is calculated on the median score of your last 10 rounds. Because we’re measuring the “middle” of your golf performance, a really good or really bad round may not change your myPAR™ on every occasion. 

However, if you have several good rounds, you’ll notice your myPAR™ rating will start to decrease. It’s all about measuring the trend of your performance over time, so you can have an understanding of your true ability, not just your ability on one day.

Sounds awesome, right? Click here to open the app on your device and start your round!

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