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Tournament Tee Time Formats

Tournaments in 18Birdies offer a choice of two different tee time formats: sequential and shotgun.

Sequential Tee Times Format

  • Tournament format that sends players off in traditional tee times.
  • Most often used for smaller tournament or league groups, usually 50 players or less.
  • There will be a considerable gap between the first group and the last group as the round is finished.
  • Ideal for smaller tournaments and weekly/monthly league play.

A 24 player golf tournament that tees off at 8:00 AM. The golf course runs on 10 minute tee time intervals.

  • Group 1 - 8:00AM Tee Time
  • Group 2 - 8:10AM Tee Time
  • Group 3 - 8:20AM Tee Time
  • Group 4 - 8:30AM Tee Time
  • Group 5 - 8:40AM Tee Time
  • Group 6 - 8:50AM Tee Time

Shotgun Format

A shotgun start is a golf tournament format in which all groups of players tee off simultaneously from different holes.

  • Most golf courses will require a minimum number of guaranteed golfers in order to secure a shotgun format.
  • The gap between groups will be considerably less. Group finishing times will be more reflective of playing ability
  • Ideal for larger tournament groups (72 or more).

A 144 player golf tournament that tees off at 8:00 AM. The golf course uses all 18 holes to organize players. Each hole will have two foursomes.

  • Hole 1 - Group 1A and Group 1B
  • Hole 2 - Group 2A and Group 2B
  • Hole 3 - Group 3A and Group 3B
  • Hole 4 - Group 4A and Group 4B

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