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Using Strokes Gained on the Course

With Strokes Gained Scoring enabled, the 18Birdies App allows you to track all of your golf shots on any hole while playing a golf round.

05 How to Use Shot Tracking from 18Birdies on Vimeo.

Shot Tracking

After starting your round with Strokes Gained Scoring enabled, the Scoring/GPS overlay appears on Hole #1.
  1. Hit your Shot - Shot 1 was a low, right-to-left, 6 iron Tee Shot that started 366 yards from the middle of the green
    1. Tap "Add Shot [X]" to start tracking your shot
    2. Select Shape & Height
    3. If necessary, drag the green/white pin and/or type in the grey box to modify the Shot starting position & Dist. to Middle of the green.
    4. Select Lie
    5. Select Club 
    6. When you are satisfied with the Shot Details, Press "Save"/"Done"
    7. The Green/White Pin will change to Blue/White, indicating you saved the starting position of Shot 1
  2. Hit your 2nd Shot - Shot 2 was a high, left-to-right 9 iron shot starting in the Fairway 154 yards from the middle of the green
    1. Repeat steps 1a-1g with your Shot 2 details
    2. After saving the starting position of Shot 2, the Shot 1 Distance and Strokes Gained is computed
    3. Review Shot 1 Distance, Shot 2 starting position, and Strokes Gained. Scroll right to see more shot details.
  3. Hit your 3rd Shot - Shot 3 is a missed putt that started 20 feet from the hole and stopped 1 foot away from the hole
    1. Tap "Add a Shot"
    2. Change your lie to "Green". 
      The club will automatically be changed to putter
    3. Type in the grey "Dist. to Hole*" box to reflect how far your ball started from the hole.
    4. Tap +Putt/Shot to save the missed putt and start the next putt.
  4. Hit your putt - Shot 4 was a 1 foot made putt. 
    1. Input the "Dist to the hole*" from your putt in the grey box
    2. Tap "Finish Hole".
  5. You've just completed Hole #1!
    1. Review your Shot positions
    2. Review Hole Score & Total Strokes Gained
    3. Review Traditional Stats Summary (FH, GIR, Putts)
    4. Press "Shot Details" to review the Shot Details Data Table
    5. Review left side of Shot Details data table

    6. Scroll right to review right side Shot Details data table

  6. Tap the X in the upper-right corner to return to the Scoring/GPS Overlay
  7. To navigate between holes, tap the arrows on the bottom right and left
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for each hole until your round is complete

Pro Tips

  • You add details/edit every one of your shots after saving them by pressing "Shot Details" -> "#" -> "Edit".
    Editing a given shot or shots will automatically update the statistics affected by the Shot Details - Fairways Hit, GIR, Putts, etc.
  • Tap "More" and then "Hole Out" when you hole a shot from off the green.
  • Tap "More" and then "Penalty" when you hit the ball out of bounds, in a hazard, declare an unplayable lie, etc.
  • Tap "More" and then "Pick Up" when you do not complete a hole or want to stop strokes gained shot tracking for a hole.
  • Once you have tracked a few shots, you can easily see your tracked shots by going to the "Me" tab and scrolling down to "Shots".
  • Shots are saved by both club used and the round they occurred in.

Sounds awesome, right? Click here to open the app on your device and start your round!

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