What is Strokes Gained

What is Strokes Gained?

Strokes gained is a way to measure a golfer’s performance on the course against a set of other golfers (of various skill levels) to help a golfer figure out where he/she is losing (or gaining) strokes. 

There are multiple types of strokes gained values that are measured over the course of one hole. These are defined below:

Strokes Gained: Total

Compares a golfer’s score to the rest of the “field”

Strokes Gained

Total Calculation = Strokes gained: Off-the-tee + Strokes gained:Approach-the-green + Strokes gained:Around-the-green + Strokes gained:Putting

Strokes Gained: Tee-to-Green 

All shots taken from the tee box till a golfer reaches the green.

Strokes Gained: Off-the-Tee

Measures player performance off the tee on all par 4s and par 5s.

Strokes Gained: Approach-the-Green

Measures player performance on approach shots. Approach shots include all shots that are not from the tee on par 4 and par 5 holes and are not included in strokes gained: around-the-green and strokes gained: putting. Approach shots include tee shots on par 3s.

Strokes Gained: Around-the-Green

Measures player performance on any shot within 30 yards of the edge of the green. This statistic does not include any shots taken on the putting green.

Strokes Gained: Putting

Measures how many strokes a player gains (or loses) on the greens.

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