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Peoria System

Many golf tournaments have players who do not have established handicaps, don't play enough to have a handicap and/or have players who are not sure what their handicap is. Don't hold a cage fight to determine your high and low handicap players; using the Peoria System will allow your players to acquire a one-day handicap for the tournament.

Using Peoria System

Prior to the start of the tournament, the tournament organizer selects six “secret” holes. Typical hole selections are two (2) par 3’s, two (2) par 4’s and two (2) par 5’s. 

After all scorecards are turned in, the net scores will be determined by totaling the scores on the six secret holes. Once all groups have completed their tournament round, the six Peoria holes are announced.

Each players' score for the six secret holes is totaled and that total is multiplied by three (6 secret holes x 3 = 18 holes). The course par is then subtracted from that total. 

The remaining number is that player's Peoria Handicap for that round. The Peoria Handicap is then subtracted from the player's gross score; the resulting number is the net Peoria System score.


Karen is playing in a golf tournament that is using the Peoria handicap system. On the six secret holes selected by the tournament committee, Karen recorded a total of 30 strokes (or shots). Karen had a total of 100 actual strokes taken for the round.

30 (secret hole strokes) x 3 = 90 (Karen's Gross Peoria System Score)
90 (Peoria Gross) - 72 (par for course) = 18 (Karen's Peoria System Handicap)
100 (Total Strokes Taken) - 18 (Peoria Handicap) = 82 (Karen's Peoria System Net Score)

For this tournament, Karen's Net score is 82.

Set up Peoria System

  1. Complete Tournament setup through Handicap Settings.
  2. Tap Use Peoria system.

  3. Tap six holes to select Peoria holes.

  4. Holes can be selected during the tournament setup, immediately before the tournament begins or at any time before the tournament ends.
    Peoria holes must be selected before the tournament is over. Once the tournament is over, the Peoria holes are locked and not able to be selected.

Pro Tip: We recommend selecting one par 3, one par 4 and one par 5 on the front and back nine, if possible.

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